Advantages for business clients

As a business client, TESTIE will provide you with all the value-added functionality you need for successfull management of your testing processes.

If you order the tests as a business client, following additional features will be available to you automatically:

  • Access to management dashboard

  • Management dashboard gives you a precise control over your tests & testees conveniently in your web browser. By utilizing it's managing & monitoring capabilities, you gain access to all the information you need from beginning til the end of the tests in a intuitive & logically structured way. Every action of candidate is visible at a glance & in real time.
  • Mandatory candidate self-registration

  • Each candidate has to fill in their personal data before the test can be started, so you don't have to lose time with yet-another costly administrative task. And, by having all this data integrated in management dashboard, you can easily check if the candidate did enter a correct information and react to this situation in real time.

  • Detailed performance report in addition to test results

  • You will get an report on each candidate's performance In addition to their detailed test results. This report gives you another valuable source of information about test, such as comparative time charts which display the actual time spent on solving each of the tasks. You can then instantly compare by an blink of an eye, how well the candidate performed in relation to average and most professional users for the given test.
  • Overview of all current and historical tests

  • By using the management dashboard you also gain access to all the test data and results and see exactly which candidate has taken which test(s) on what date and what was the result of it. You can even download the results as a PDF document or export them for use with your internal management software or 3rd party applications.
  • Export of complete test & candidates' data

  • You need the test and candidate data for subsequent processing in your internal system? No problem with our export options. You can export everything you see in management dashboard in XML or CSV data formats. We will also be happy to offer you other custom formats if you need them, upon your inquiry.