Benefits for your recruitment business

Consider what was once a typical working day of a recruiter - Sam is 38 years old and works hard to deliver high-quality services to customers of his company:

He awaits 27 candidates for personal job interviews today. After the fresh start in the morning, numerous phone calls and administrative operations, he still continues to deliver good work. But things change after the lunch: he starts to feel tired and there are still 19 candidates left for tests and conversations. He has to assess each of them precisely, as the company's service level is well known for it's great added value among clients. What's more, from the perspective of assessment quality, he has to remain unchanged throughout the day to ensure everyone will be measured objectively under identical conditions. Also, he is doing exactly the same process as one month before - but at that time he only had an average of 17 candidates a day. Sooner or later Sam's ability to concentrate takes a deep fall and the last job seekers will be in different situation than the previous ones:

This is a behind-the-curtains issue - clients do not know how many otherwise good candidates have not been presented to them due to recruiter's human factor failures, so it's no wonder that they don't complain. But if you take a look from internal management's perspective - would you react after having identified such reserves in your company? And more important: would you react the right way? Hire new job recruiters? Of course it's possible, but is it really the best option here and what will be the associated gains vs. costs? Or is there some other, more eligible solution, that is capable of doing the same process but on tighter budget?
As a recruiter you are probably well familiar with issues of that kind - this is a fairly typical situation in recruitment business and TESTIE can help you with that. Instead of having to expand the recruitment personnel she takes the workload off the team's shoulders and enables your people to focus on more productive issues. This has more synergetic advantages than are visible on the first sight. By unburdening the employees from exhausting tasks they often don't enjoy, they will subjectively gain much more than just freed time resources and this will be quickly reflected in rise of efficiency and joy from work.
I spent about third of a day on detailed evaluation of skills of my candidates - average time for person was something like 20 minutes. This was the net time used only for assessment process itself and I had to manually evaluate all the test results. Now it may not sound like a big issue, but when you repeat the same process every day again and again, you can be sure it will influence you and will also have a deep negative impact on your other work areas of higher importance.

With TESTIE, all recruiters at our company got rid of tiring, recurring issues that caused overall work efficiency to drop. I like to use one analogy to demonstrate that big change TESTIE made for us - bread baking:
Would you really want to bake a bread every single day or would you rather buy it? The answer is right away clearly visible and the same principle applies here: why should we waste our precious time, energy & costs on issues that can be done much better & more efficiently by perfect software?
With TESTIE, your internal processes will make a big difference. Competition in recruitment business is especially tough and it's not easy to differentiate oneself from the rest of the market. That means even the smallest improvements have to be considered seriously in order to stay ahead and TESTIE offers a huge advantage - so what are you waiting for?

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