Hello, nice to meet you! My name is TESTIE and I am a unique software being, first of my kind. I make my days by testing the IT skills of employees from all around the globe. Without resting, I deliver valuable staff performance reports 24/7. Instantly.

More precisely, I am an complex artificial intelligence solution, created for the purpose of objective assessment and accurate measurement of Human Capital IT skills. This is the field I am perfectly specialized in - solving recruitment and personnel benchmarking problems every single day around the world over and over again. Did you know that approximately 67% of millions of the candidates who will attend a job interview today, will be required to prove their IT skills in some way to their future employer? They will most probably be tested for this knowledge by non-unified, non-standardized means vulnerable to human factor faults and will thus end up being graded by subjectively biased results. The consequences of this will not just be unnecessary amounts of time & precision lost, but also inevitable, very concrete financial losses resulting from hiring the wrong personnel.

I can do all of this so much better with an unorecedented efficiency. I can assess any person for general or highly specific areas in IT according to your needs, in a real-world testing environment. I can test large groups of people in parallel. I deliver objective, accurate and truly representative results and can then tailor individual training based on weaknesses identified. I do not get tired, do not make any mistakes, I am user-friendly, intuitive and very easy to use. I am unique and here is what my creators at Data Entities have to say about me:

Realistic environment

Our vision is, that the testing & training environment should perfectly resemble the real working conditions. That's exactly why we fully integrated TESTIE with commonly used software applications and adopted a broad range of real-world problem scenarios.

TESTIE supports interactive in-application based testing & training in software from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and many other vendors. That means no more meaningless multiple-choice or hotspot questions or other workarounds.

Instead, TESTIE observes each candidates' path towards the solution for given task(s) and analyzes in real-time the steps taken to get there - all of this directly in real software used in everyday's business.


TESTIE was designed with the intelligent analysis of test results as a highest priority in mind.

Whether it is built-in typing error tolerance, smart behaviour in case of unintended faults from candidates or focus on important factors in the process of test results analysis - these features ensure you always get the most accurate & representative results, unbiased from those user mistakes, that have no relevance to final assessment.

In this sense, TESTIE examines the candidates exactly as a perfect living human professional would - with all the value added benefits.

Accurate & objective

TESTIE's unique methodology of result analysis creates objective & standardized frame of reference for all candidates with respect to their individual levels of knowledge.

This is an extremely valuable as no human can ever achieve such a high level and match the quality of TESTIE. Human examiners get tired with time, their conclusions on candidates are biased by number of psychological factors, they tend to take shortcuts and thus make errors often. And - they do even cost much more.

TESTIE is natural & logical next step in evolution of human resources management - she complements the human factor in areas, where it simply can't compete.

Easy to use

We prefer elegant solutions and want our customers to experience more than what they pay for. And we certainly want them to have this marvelous experience without having to focus on technical issues.

This is main reason we made TESTIE to be so flexible, that you don't even need to install anything in order to use her. Nor do you need administrative or other special user privileges for TESTIE to do her job successfully - she will just work fine even in strictest security environments.

Use your favorite web browser to run TESTIE - it's that simple!

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