Are you on your way to a new job?

Sooner or later you will have to attend a job interview. While there are many factors playing role in an job interview, you can be sure of one thing - you will very likely be asked for your computer skills. Global statistics is very clear on that - approximately 67%(!) of all participants in all the job interviews around the world are also being tested for their IT knowledge nowadays. This includes all the positions from where only basic computer knowledge is sufficient up to positions where top level expert IT skills are expected.

That means without any doubt that computer literacy has become a major factor in today's job market and to increase a chance of success, you have to prepare yourself responsibly to face that fact. Let's explore another important factors and have a look at these two charts:

Do you also see that message in the charts? Services industry is the future that is taking place right now. Even if unemployment trends are volatile, services continues it's rising trend and there is therefore absolutely no question about vital importance of being computer literate in year 2022.

People like you from all around the world use TESTIE on a daily basis to assure themselves of their computer skills before they take part in job interviews, certification programs or other events, where these skills play a role. TESTIE gives them a unique opportunity to raise the odds of succcess significantly by investing mere $2, $5 or $10 in tests, that perfectly resemble the real-world scenarios you will very likely encounter at your recruiter's desk or in your future work. Your confidence level will be higher after you test and prepare yourself with TESTIE because she will enable you to stay fit in your IT knowledge.

Consider the following values TESTIE offers:

  • No associated costs

  • When you take the tests in a testing center, it's not only the price for the test itself you are paying for. Consider personnel, equipment and transportation fees associated with your examination. Save yourself all of these unnecessary costs simply by using TESTIE.

  • Stay at home

  • You don't have to go anywhere physically to test yourself with TESTIE. That means no testing center visit and no transportation hassle. Instead, jump right into the self-assessment from the comfort of your home!

  • Choose your preferred language

  • You would like to assess your IT skills, but in a different language? Not a problem at all - all the tests in TESTIE are offered in number of languages and for the SAME PRICE as the english ones. This is a great option for job candidates and employees of international corporations.

  • High availability

  • You have just been informed, that your job interview got moved from next week for tomorrow and you can't get no one to test and prepare you now? TESTIE is available for you right here and right now, just several mouse clicks away!

  • Easy and intuitive usage

  • No installation, no setup, no technical know-how needed. Just download & run TESTIE and you are in. Her user interface is so easy, that even the most basic users we have had could take the tests in full confidence. Watch for yourself how easy is to use TESTIE in action.

And lastly, let's not forget the contribution to the community of people in the same situation as yours. By ordering your tests you are joining a large group of hundreds of thousands individuals, whose purchasing power enables us to create and offer highest quality content in our tests for unprecedented low prices. We identify ourselves with nowadays widespread idea, that in the age of global internet business, it's appropiate to offer former costly products at irrationally low prices. Trends in mobile applications market development where you can buy fully functional and professional apps for bargain prices clearly show that this is a new paradigm of the internet age and a future to follow. So, if you gain by our friendly prices and we gain by massive sales, thus creating a perfect win-win combination - what are you still waiting for

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