What is TESTIE?

TESTIE is the next-generation automated testing & adaptive training solution used for objective assessment and experience-based learning of broad range of IT skills. She is unique in so many different ways:

  • Proven confidence

  • With more than a million tests conducted, TESTIE guarantees the proper fulfillment of her promises
  • Autonomy

  • TESTIE manages everything by herself. With a few mouse clicks you tell her which tests / trainings you want her to run and she takes care of the rest.
  • Intelligent behaviour

  • TESTIE tests in human-like fashion by focusing on important decision factors in detail while tolerating non-relevant user mistakes. Learn more on her intelligence.
  • In-application testing & learning by doing

  • Unlike other "solutions", TESTIE takes a novel approach and makes a truly remarkable next step in evolution of automated testing & training technology: she creates a testing environment that perfectly resembles a real world by testing & training in real software applications. This makes a huge difference: to get the driving license you need to be able to actually drive the car and not just draw it on the paper! The same goes for effective assessment & acquiring of new skills: you need a robust, real-world resembling solution and not meaningless multiple-choice/hotspot questions, which are incapable of determining or training the required skills. Find out more on her capabilities
  • Wide pool of tasks

  • With more than 1100 real-world tasks implemented in all possible variations and languages, ranging from standard through professional up to expert levels, TESTIE offers an astonishing broad range of possibilities to choose from. The task pool is constantly growing and we continue to add new scenarios based also on your feedback and demand. Check out the portfolio of all tests & trainings.
  • Realistic testing & training scenarios

  • Each of the tasks in the tests is unique and represents a real-world business case or a problem the testee has to solve. Find out more on her testing capabilities
  • Reliable & secure

  • TESTIE backs all testing & training progress data enabling you to quickly resume the sessions in case of a computer or internet failure.
  • Easy to use

  • No installation or administrative rights required. TESTIE runs in your favorite web browser, even in strictly limited security environments. She is so easy & intuitive to use, that anyone can work with her instantly without prior training..
  • Offline capabilities

  • Your organization needs to conduct testing or training without internet connection available? Absolutely no problem for TESTIE - she can even be easily deployed on your target PCs and will run just fine without internet. This option is ideal for prisons, detention centres or other offline environments.
  • Cost benefits

  • In her field of expertise, TESTIE does better assessment job than any human expert, but in less time, for less money and in an totally objective manner. Plus, by testing or training groups of candidates in parallel, you gain tremendous efficiency that no person can ever match. She perfectly complements your personnel by taking the benchmarking workload off it's shoulders and enabling your employees to focus on more productive issues.

Who uses TESTIE?

Our clients come mainly from these 3 areas:

  • Business customers (HR management and recruitment services)
  • Education sector
  • Individual persons
Business customers typically use TESTIE to assess and train the IT skills of their personnel or just to test their job applicants as in case of recruitment businesses. Individuals use TESTIE mainly to identify weaknesses in their IT knowledge and close those gaps by adaptive training tailored to their needs, for example before they take part in a job interview, certification program or other event where IT skills are demanded.

Check out the free demo or choose from variety of testing / training packages.