Can your child speak computers?

Computer literacy is the ability to use computer programs in an effective way. Computer skills have become increasingly important as companies have started to depend upon information technologies. Computer skills mean the ability to perform certain tasks where others can't, such as being able to work perfectly with a software at employer's office.

Your child will have a better chance of being successful in a workplace if he/she is able to use computers properly and use common or specialized software. Global statistics is very clear on that - approximately 67%(!) of all participants in all the job interviews around the world are also being tested for their IT knowledge nowadays. This includes all the positions from where only basic computer knowledge is sufficient to positions where top level expert IT skills are required.

That means without any doubt that computer literacy has become a major factor in today's job market and to increase a chance of success, one has to prepare responsibly to face that fact. Let's explore another important factors and have a look at these two charts: