TESTIE's first rule: be adaptive & efficient

  • Efficient at testing & training

  • These is a huge difference between world of theory and experience. We all have seen a baby trying to walk for the first time. But have you ever seen that baby to learn this skill by gaining the knowledge from "theory"? The same goes with testing & learning of new IT skills: experience is superior to theoretical knowledge and so a practically oriented approach is the most valuable one. This - simplified - is what TESTIE is about.

    But it does not stop there: with TESTIE, your training is not only fully realistic, but concentrates to find particular weaknesses by measuring the intended abilities - in the most effective way possible. After assessment phase TESTIE is then able to tailor an individualized training plan in order to close the identified gaps in knowledge.

    In other words: with TESTIE one learns missing skills exactly as a child learns to walk. With one huge benefit though: it only takes tens of minutes istead of days to learn with her.

    There are plenty of products offering theoretical learning, but only TESTIE provides high-end professional solution for both tests & trainings.

  • Superior accuracy & objectivity

  • Accuracy together with objectivity are the fields where no person or software can compete with TESTIE's capabilities:

    • Examiners have limited energy
    • Examiner's working conditions are influenced by number of factors
    • It is very hard for them to be objective

    One the other hand, other software solutions:

    • do not offer the unique, realistic testing and training environment which perfectly resembles the real world
    • are not able to provide fast and adaptive training solutions tailored to specific knowledge gaps of candidate(s)
    • often do not meet the highly specific needs of clients, such as rapid delivery of custom assembled tests, integration with thei IT infrastructure etc.
  • Reliable

  • Your computer crashed right in the middle of test? No problem! TESTIE can resume the test from the last position the candidate was on.

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